In-College Media Tagline

In-College Media

The Uni-Board provides an unrivalled opportunity for advertisers to target over 70,000 students in Ireland’s leading colleges every day. Active Media installed an average of 3 attractive A0 size notice boards per college with a unique self-adhesive material to allow notices to be posted without messy tacks or tape.
Each notice board is flanked on both sides by an A1 advertising frame. Uni-Boards are primarily located in Student Union controlled areas (near to the shops, games rooms, student union buildings, communal areas and computer rooms).
The Uni-Board’s primary function is as a notice board and they are used by students to insert messages such as "items to buy", "apartments for rent" or "books for sale" and it is also used by the college authorities to display examination results and other relevant information.

The messages placed on the boards and their strategic locations within the university means that they act as a focal point within the student areas thus ensuring the highest attention for advertisements.

Upon request, we can also offer the following extras;

√ Annual Sponsorship and branding of a board
√ Info Dispensers (Coupons, contact cards)
√ 3D (lenticular) printing
√ Mirrored printing